Why We Started Our Website

I am an owner at Devon Cliffs and have had a caravan on the holiday park for over 20 years.

When I first began my journey in caravan hire, I advertised through newspapers, shop window ads, word of mouth, and also the internet. Since then a lot has changed, not only on Devon Cliffs holiday park, but also the way people search for what they need, in this case a holiday. We now advertise mainly through the internet for a more accessible way for our customers.

When my caravans are fully booked, I am often asked who else the potential booker can contact, for which there are various other websites that advertise private owners caravans for hire around the country, and social media sites, it would be better to be able to suggest one website with a wide choice of caravans exclusively at Devon Cliffs.

We have also seen an increasing number of scammers particular on the social media sites and this is another reason I wanted to make a safer site for families to book their holidays knowing I will be verifying each owner before they are accepted online, rechecking their ownership on the annual renewal, and being an owner myself hearing of owners selling up.

I hope to get a wide selection of caravans all in one website making it easier for guests to find their ideal holiday caravan on Devon Cliffs and for owners to be easily found online even if they don’t want to have their own website to manage.

Thank you for reading and Happy holidays.